Home Improvements

For most of us, our most valuable asset is our home. As a homeowner you want your asset to not only retain it’s value, but to appreciate on pace with the market you are in. When it comes to making improvement on your home or business we see ourselves as stewards. Whether those improvements are necessities (like replacing that leaky roof), or for enjoyment (like a new deck with a hot tub), we want to help you make the best decision from an investment standpoint. Everyone’s dollars are “hard earned”; so we look at each project with ROI (Return on Investment) in mind. Many times our suggestions might mean a smaller bottom line for us, but we truly believe by doing what is best for every customer we will be just fine.

Top 10 Projects for Long-Term ROI

  • Project & Long-Term ROI

  • Entry door replacement (steel) 98.0%

  • Siding replacement (fiber-cement) 83.9%

  • Minor kitchen remodel (midrange) 81.8%

  • Siding replacement (vinyl – midrange) 81.5%

  • Garage door replacement (midrange) 80.7%

  • Deck addition (wood) 80.6%

  • Siding replacement (foam-backed vinyl) 79.5%

  • Attic bedroom remodel 79.3%

  • Window replacement (vinyl – midrange) 78.6%

  • Bathroom remodel (midrange) 77.1%